Custom Grips
If your goal is a handgun that reflects the spirit within you, let Precision Pro Grips craft a set of personalized grips that anyone would immediately recognize as being yours. This can be done using a variety of materials in any combination. Our services include carving, scrimshaw, and inlays. Below are several examples of customized grips that demonstrate the limitless possibilities available to you.
Curly Maple with scrimshawed inlays
Carved longhorn skull in English Walnut
"Precision Pro Grips creates fantasies in wood and ivory."

Gary Campbell

Trails End Magazine
Curly Maple with custom-made silver inlay
English Walnut with custom-made silver inlay
Mongolian Elk Stag
"Leskovec copied the fit exactly and made the grips the width I wanted, much thinner than the factory grips, and most importantly carried out the carved steer heads to perfection."

John Taffin

Big Boar Six Guns
 Scrimshawed eagle head
Single action grips with carved dragon
Simulated ivory acrylic with carved Hickock Liberty Eagle

"I highly recommend Precision Pro Grips for their superb ivory work."

Bob Arganbright

Guns of the Old West Magazine

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                                          Introducing Resin Ivory.
The closest duplicate material to genuine ivory ever produced. The grain and color is simply amazing!
Antique paper micarta with carved indian head with war bonnet.